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Hi everyone! My name is Sae. This blog will document my journey to becoming a slimmer and more fit version of myself, and so far I have lost 70- 80lbs. What I post will be 80% fitness related and 20% of everything else, such as cats/animals, anime, scenery, food, and fashion. Instagram: smileysai_sai



I honestly have never thought of my journey in this way.  I used to weigh 120kgs. For those of my imperial friends, we are talking about around 265lbs. I used to look in the mirror and think, wow I look good today! My boobs look good, I have curves! Damn! Some guy would be lucky to be with me! But honestly, I think I was in denial. All through high school I was ‘bigger’. Even in primary school, I was always taller, more ‘solid’ than all of the other kids. But I was always confident! I took what someone may have looked down on, and I made it my own! I remember as a child, kids used to try and call me ‘fat’. And I used to tell them, HA! Don’t be jealous because you can’t beat me at an arm wrestle! And you know what, they couldn’t.

It wasn’t until I graduated high school, moved to Perth and was finally feeling a little anonymous (in an undergraduate class of 2500 students).  I won’t go into the nitty gritty details, but the gist of it was that I couldn’t handle it.  For me, a girl from a small country town, it was too much, too soon.  I moved home.

When I moved home, I resumed my job at a service station (my American friends may know it as a gas station). I got payed well! And I lived going out and partying EVERY weekend!!! I honestly looked in the mirror and thought ‘damn I look hot tonight”.

I didn’t see that my health was going down the drain.  I used to play netball 6 days a week! Even when I was bigger! I loved the team atmosphere! I loved the sense of feeling like I was working toward something! But I had forgotten.

For me, the turning point was my friends birthday.

I went out, I did my hair, makeup, I thought I looked hot as fuck!

The next day, the photos where posted!  Hell yes! I thought… A new profile picture maybe?

And then I clicked on the photo I was tagged in…

That’s not me ha!

I thought..

It took a few seconds to sink in…

That’s not me…

I don’t look like that…

They must be mistaken..

And then I realised small features of myself that I saw in the mirror…

..things that I had always seen, but only appreciated the good things!

For me, this was the slap in the face, the POW moment that people talk about.

I finally realised, saw, understood people’s small comments, remarks etc.

I was blown away.

And I will admit, I cried.

I couldn’t believe that the hurtful things that people may have been saying about me had been true.

It was that moment that I decided to change.

I had no clue where to start. At all!

So, I did what anyone would do, and I googled it!

Little by little, I gained more knowledge!

I learnt about calories!

I learnt about protein!

I leant about fibre!

I learnt about carbohydrates!

For some people, that may seem simple.  But for me, to realise I was eating on average 4500 calories a day, that was a massive shock.

I began reducing portion size.

I began focusing on more lean protein and veg!

I began focusing on me!

I honestly have to say that people say weight loss is hard. THAT IS A LIE!!

Weight loss is simple.

The hard part is that it TAKES TIME.

I myself was one of those people who was always looking for the quick answer or result!


I found that if I focused on EVERY tiny achievement made, I was better able to pull myself towards these MASSIVE goals I had set myself.

And to be honest, if I had looked myself in the mirror two years ago and said, “you know what lara, you could weight 70kgs”. I would have laughed. And here I am. 

Thanks for reading xx
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UCF two tallest volleyball players and shortest cheerleader

its like they’re not even the same species.

Below are 12 signs that your relationship to exercise is unhealthy. For many people, getting motivated to exercise is either incredibly challenging or just something they do easily because they love to stay healthy. However, a small percentage of people struggle with exercising too much. Their relationship to working out can swing toward an addictionand be harmful. Any healthy activity can be dangerous when taken to an extreme or done in excess.
So, how do you know if you’re dealing with an addictive behavior or just a healthy love of getting your sweat on? The following list can help you explore this. It’s based on both my personal and professional experience. Do you have any of these signs?
You judge your day as “good” or “bad” based on how much you exercised.
You feel anxious, depressed or guilty if you can’t find the time to exercise every day.
You exercise even when you’re sick, tired or exhausted.
You get sick frequently and can’t seem to recover.
Your self-worth is based on how much you exercise.
Your self-esteem is maintained by how much you exercise.
You get really mad when something (weather, surprise dinner dates, illness) interferes with your exercise.
You arrange work meetings, social obligations and family engagements around your rigid exercise schedule.
You cancel work meetings, social obligations and family engagements to exercise.
You feel worse instead of better after your workouts.
You only exercise alone because others slow down your progress, intensity and calorie burning.
You exercise to compensate for overeating (or simply eating).
Moving From Fanatic to Healthy. If you experience most of the items on this list, exercise may be a problem for you. And if you’re in any type of disordered eating recovery, this problem will interfere with your progress. There are a few steps you can take to begin to find your way back to a healthy relationship with exercise.

1. Ditch the rigid exercise schedule: Many people who have a problem with exercising too much maintain a rigid schedule. Which may be helpful when working towards a goal, but when exercise is doing more harm than good, a schedule can be detrimental.
See if you can let your schedule go for a couple of days and instead take cues from your body’s wisdom. Before you head out for your morning workout, ask yourself, “What would feel fun and nurturing to my body today?” Not, “What’s going to burn the most calories, or sculpt my arms and abs?”
2. Find an activity that allows you to appreciate your body’s strength, power and all-around amazingness: Most of the over-exercising clients I’ve worked with are participating in activities on a daily basis that leave their bodies feeling beat up. They’re hoping to feel strong, powerful and amazing, but in actuality the grim marathon workouts and brutal boot camp classes leave them feeling depleted.
If you relate to this, try something new; dance, ski, swim, rock climb or go for a hike. Decide how you want to feel in your body and choose an activity that supports that.
3. Connect to meaningful motivation and inspiration: Many people who over-exercise do so to burn calories, lose weight, or change the body. If these are your only motivating factors, then guess what? You’ll never be satisfied. What if you stopped exercising to change your physical appearance and started moving to cultivate clarity, creativity and energy? If clarity, creativity and energy don’t land with you, what does? Find what’s meaningful to you and give it a try, for a healthy body and mind maybe?
If the way you exercise is leaving you tired, depleted and feeling like you’re never good enough, then I invite you to find one thing you can do today to move toward a healthy relationship with exercise. I know how challenging this can be, but I also know if you keep it simple and take small steps, you can make big changes. More here.
Anonymous: You are absolutely beautiful and I love following your blog :)

😊😚 Awe, I really appreciate your nice comment! Thank you, you sweet, sweet anon! Hope your having a super duper day!




I wonder if any of my friends had a crush on me but then got to know me and were like “haha no, dodged a bullet there.”

I regret making this post